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Ductless mini split systems are a smart and extremely energy-efficient answer to providing air conditioning to any number of rooms without having to install ductwork. At Reliance Heating and Cooling, our team of dedicated HVAC specialists can provide you with the experienced installation services you need!

If you think your home may benefit from the use of a ductless mini split system, call us today for a free in home estimate. (631) 619-2529!

How Ductless Systems Work

Ductless Split systems have an exterior condenser and as few as 1 and as many as 5 indoor evaporator unit’s that distribute heated or cooled air to the living space. Each evaporator blower is mounted high on the interior wall of the room or area you want to cool. You control the units with a remote control. Since you might have multiple units, you can save energy by zone cooling your home, rather than using window air conditioners. All of the systems we install do an excellent job heating, cooling and dehumidifying. Ductless systems are much quieter indoors and out than window air conditioners, and a fraction of the cost to operate. On the most settings they are barely audible. A split ductless is more expensive than window or portable air conditioner (professional installation is required) but is less expensive than central air if you are cooling only a few rooms.

Advantages of Mini Splits

The main advantages of mini splits are their small size and flexibility for zoning of heating and cooling individual rooms. Many models can have as many as five indoor air handling units (for five zones or rooms) connected to one outdoor unit. The number depends on how much heating or cooling is required for the building or each zone (which in turn is affected by how well the building is insulated). Since each of the zones will have its own thermostat, you only need to condition that place when someone is there. This will save energy and money.

These systems have unlimited applications in residential homes. The most common applications are in homes where ductwork for a conventional A/C system can’t be installed, or new additions to existing homes, They can also be a good choice for small apartments.

Our Reliance Heating and Cooling team can answer all your questions about ductless mini split systems. Call us at (631) 619-2529 today!

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